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I was involved with this cult for eight years after being introduced to it by a friend. I became close to Shree Lal and a trusted devotee. Eventually the severity of her crimes showed me how dangerous of a conwoman she is. Her entire family including her mother, her son and her daughter have all been witness and culperates to the crimes taking place within the cult.

The purpose of this website is to warn families of the dangers of being involved with this cult.

I dedicate this website to all the families who suffered losses in the hands of Shree Lal and her cult.

Shree Lal is a self-proclaimed Hindu “Guru”. She claims she’s an incarnation of Sai Baba and goes by the name of Shree Sai Baba. She tells her devotees that she’s a channel for the world, but only her sincere devotees have the ability to see that she’s an incarnation. For the past 20 years, she has been running a cult in South San Francisco, known as the “Sai Family”. Shree has meticulously organized and ran an illegal temple from her home, a place from which she drugs her followers, enforces child labor, falsifies documents, and exploits her victims for their money. 

Hinduism is a religion of peace, truth, and divinity. It has been established for thousands of years and there has always been a revered and respected custom of becoming a Guru. In Hinduism, when an incarnation is born, he/she is publicly recognized and honored by the Guru and other enlightened beings. This is the unbroken and respected tradition that has been honored for thousands of years in Hinduism. 

The unfortunate truth is that Shree has decided to neglect all Hindu customs and self-claimed herself to be a “Guru” by announcing herself to be Sai Baba’s incarnation. Shree was never appointed by any already established Guru to be a predecessor of a spiritual lineage. She doesn’t have any knowledge about the Hindu Scriptures, a prerequisite of becoming a Hindu Guru. Her criminal acts and false establishment as a Guru is blasphemous and disrespectful towards all Hindus and their beliefs.

Her beliefs and customs are founded on convoluted and illogical practices. She pretends to be fatally ill most of the time as a result of her healing people. She also claims to be of pure soul and anyone speaks against her will make god angry. This results with threats to her followers that if they don’t take action against the people who speak against her, then she’ll return to heaven and there will be many catastrophes on earth. Shree keeps her unsuspecting victims under the influence of drugs and brainwashing, making it hard for them to think clearly. By doing this they continue to serve her while inevitably causing harm to themselves and their loved ones.

How Shree Lal maintains control


GHB, also commonly known as a “date rape drug” because of it’s effects to cause loss of consciousness, confusion, and amnesia, is assumed to be used by Shree because of it’s addictive potential if used repeatedly. GHB, according to a private investigator tasked with investigating Shree the drugs she uses stated, “It is possible that GHB may be her ‘drug of choice’ when manipulating members’ behavior. There are definite withdrawal symptoms.” 

Another private informant, who spent several years living with Shree came forward to confirm that Shree uses a combination of street drugs and visine to make her group members sick. Along with GHB she uses cocaine which causes higher sexual drive, disturbances in heart rhythm, headaches, and chest pain.

Such practices are used by Shree so that her victims and those in her circle can be easily manipulated when in a drug induced state. By making them sick without their knowing it deepens their dependency of her and her false miracles of “healing.”

Dark Magic

According to renowned and respected Hindu gurus, priests, and healers; Shree practices dark magic from which she attains Siddhis like manifesting objects, appearing in someone’s dreams and healing powers. Unlike other Hindu Gurus that follow Sattvic diet which requires abstaining from meat and alcohol, she consumes meat and drinks daily while corrupting her followers and requiring them to do the same. A common practice done by those who partake in dark magic, gaining control of their victims through the foods they consume. 


Shree maintains psychological control over her followers in many unethical and illicit ways. She proclaims that any wrong doing to her will be punished by Sai Baba himself. She physically assaults them publicly if they defy her. She commonly uses fear, guilt and humiliation as thought reform techniques and socially isolates her followers. 

Shree is known to promote certain devotees as the chosen few. Usually those with the most money.  Once promoted, a devotee must follow her every command blindly. These commands often include secrecy between spouses, more money, and labor work. Shree turns the spouses against one another. She uses manipulative techniques and seduction to corrupt the minds of the men while isolating the woman. In doing so she is able to focus on the men in the group and convince them of being victims. This results in the men neglecting and oppressing their wives and children. In some cases men who followed her have been arrested or forced to attend anger management due to the abusement of their wives and innocent children.

Shree Lal with her devotees

In the videos above Shree Lal is pretending to channel Sai Baba during Sai Baba’s birthday celebrations at her illegal temple. Sai Baba’s birth date is not known so nowhere else in the world his birthday is celebrated.

Crimes Shree Lal is involved in

(witnessed by devotees)

Adoption of minor children (from India) for the purpose of slave labor

Theft of member’s documents (passports, IDs) to prevent them from leaving/travelling 

Domestic Violence 

False allegations of sexual abuse to law enforcement

Perjury and false statements to San Mateo County Courts

Drugging members with an unknown substance (possibly cocaine and GHB)

Poisoning members with Visine eye drops

Extortion – Taking large amounts of money/assets from members

Human Trafficking 

Child Abuse

False Imprisonment

Running an illegal temple in the residence

Tax Evasion

Shree Lal

Shree was born in Fiji in the late 60’s, where her mother would illegally sell alcohol on the streets. Her paternal Aunt and Uncle pretended to channel Hindu Gods and were the wealthiest in their family. She migrated to the United States and married with the sole intention of acquiring citizenship. In the following years, she preyed on many men and married four times to men ten to twenty-four years younger than her. 

Shree, like all cult leaders, is self-proclaimed and under no circumstance has been verified by any legitimate priest or Guru. She falsifies miracles and drugs those in her Sai Family. She has extorted millions of dollars that were deposited to her personal account. She owns properties in the United States, Fiji and India. Her sole purpose is not to help people but to attain money and power.