About Us

We want to warn families of the dangers of being involved with this cult and provide support to the survivors. This group has been formed by the previous members of the Sai Family cult who were part of it for several years and saw how dangerous of a conwoman she is. Her entire family including her mother, her biological daughter and son have all been witness and culprits to the crimes taking place within the cult.

In July 2015, Shree Lal was arrested for domestic violence against her third husband. Allegedly, there was a restraining order against her to protect her grandchildren from her. In 2014, a police report was filed against her for human trafficking. She kisses infants and young children of the devotees on their lips. She claims that she’s a divine mother, so she has the right to display her affection towards them in this manner. Many members have witnessed her playing with children in a sexually inappropriate way and making lewd remarks about their private parts. Her first husband was imprisoned for molesting their minor daughters. He still co-owns the house where she runs her temple and comes by.

Our research is based on the reports and interviews of experts and interviews with previous members. We have substantial proof and evidence to support the information we have provided on this website. We have not revealed the names to the individuals to protect privacy and safety.

This website is dedicated to all the families who suffered losses in the hands of Shree Lal and her cult. It took several years of hard work by our team to collect all the information and we hope the information will reach those that are being exploited by this dangerous cult leader and her family. We would like to tell our readers that the members who came out of the cult are leading happy lives now. If your family member or friend is part of this dangerous cult please help them by sharing our information with them.